Crossword Puzzle Twins (College and Work: You can do both!)

College and Work: You can do both!

Crossword Puzzle Twins (College and Work: You can do both!)

Review the words in the box below. Then read the clues. Write the words in the correct spaces in the sentences below.

 apart                  concentrate                      identical              pair                     biological            curious identity still                      both                    ESP        inherited            surroundings     close                   fraternal              naturally            uncertain           coincidence 


1. Twins are always a _______________. There are always two of them.

5. I saw identical twin girls yesterday. ______________ girls had on white shirts, blue skirts, and blue shoes.

7. _____________  means not sure.

11. Our _____________  are everything around us.

12. ______________  means exactly the same.

13. Kathy and Laura are very good friends. They are very ___________ .

14. I am learning a lot about twins, but I am ___________  interested in learning more.

15. Your _____________  is your character. It is who you are.

16. ______________  is the ability to feel something that other people feel but without using your five senses.


2. Your hair color and your eye color are ______________  from your parents.

3. Some twins do not like to be _____________ . They like being together all the time.

4. A ______________ is something that happens accidentally, without planning.

5. Michael is my ____________ brother. We have the same mother and father.

6. When I think very hard about something, I _____________  on it.

8. ______________  means surely, of course.

9. Luis and Maria are ______________ twins. They were born on the same day and have the same mother, but one is a boy and the other is a girl.

10. I am very ______________  about twins. Do they think alike?

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