Crossword Puzzle (College and Work: You can do both!)

College and Work: You can do both!

Crossword Puzzle (College and Work: You can do both!)

Review the words in the box below. Then read the clues. Write the words in the correct spaces in the sentences below.

advantage essay SAT traditional application freshman simpler transcript
attract official stressful video complicated recommendation TOEFL


  1. When you want to go to college, you need to fill out an ___________ form.
  2. A ____________ semester is 15 weeks long.
  3. Sometimes the forms to go to a college are very _______________ , and not simple at all.
  4. Many students think that applying to college is very ________________ because it is so long and hard to do.
  5. You can ask a teacher or an employer to write a letter of __________________ for you.
  6. The ___________________ is a test that American students take when they apply to college.
  7. An ________________ is something that is helpful to you.


  1. When you apply to some colleges, you need to write an ______________ .
  2. When you apply to most colleges, you need to send an _____________ record of your courses and grades.
  3. The ______________ is a test that shows a student’s ability to understand and use English in college.
  4. A ________________ is a record of your courses and grades that a school or college sends to another school or college.
  5. A student is called a ________________ during his or her first year at college.
  6. For some students, it is much _____________ to make a two-minute film than it is to fill out a long form.
  7. Every college wants to _______________ good students to its school.
  8. Goucher College only requires a two-minute ________________ when you apply there.

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