KK Gregory, Young and Creative

KK Gregory, Young and Creative

KK Gregory, Young and Creative


PROFESSOR CHANDLER: OK, everyone, let’s get started. Today, our guest speaker is KK Gregory. KK is a successful business owner, and she’s only seventeen years old. Her company makes Wristies. KK?

KK GREGORY: Hi, … umm . .. It’s really exciting to be here, in a business school class, because I’m still in high  school! I’m 17 now, but when I started my company, I was 10.

STUDENTs’ VOICES: That’s unbelievable! Wow! So young .. .

KK GREGORY: Really! It’s true . . . See? These are Wristies. They’re long gloves, but they have no fingers. So they keep your hands and your wrists warm and dry, but you can move your fingers easily. You can wear them outside, for sports or work. But you can also wear them inside, in a cold house or office. There are really a lot of places that you can wear them.

PROFESSOR CHANDLER: That’s great. KK, could you tell everyone how you got the idea to make Wristies?’

KK GREGORY: Sure. Urn … As I said, I was 10 years old, and it was winter, and I was playing outside in the snow. I was wearing warm clothes and warm gloves, but my wrists were really cold! And that’s when I had the idea. I just thought of it. So I went home and I found some warm material. I put it around my wrists and I made a little hole for my thumb. And that’s how I made the first pair of Wristies.

PROFESSOR CHANDLER: That’s so interesting. Are there any questions.? Yes, Nathan?

STUDENT 1 (MALE): Yeah, urn .. . how did you decide to start a business?

KK GREGORY: Well, at first, I didn’t thin about starting a business at all. I mean, I was only 10! I just made a lot of Wristies in different colors, and I gave them to my friends. They all wore them every day and loved them, and I was happy! But then my friends said, “You know, you can sell these things!” And I thought, “Hmm . . . that could be exciting!” So, I asked my mother about it, and she thought it was a great idea. And then she helped me to start my company.

PROFESSOR CHANDLER: Really … Did your mother have any business experience?

KK GREGORY: No! My mother didn’t know anything about business, and of course I didn’t either. But we talked to a lot of people and we asked a lot of questions, we got a lot of advice, and we learned a lot. There were a few problems in the beginning, but most of the time,
we had fun!

STUDENT 2 [FEMALE]: KK, where can people buy Wristies?

KK GREGORY: Oh, a lot of department stores and clothing stores sell them, and there’s also a website. And one time, I went on a TV shopping show. I was really nervous, but it was so exciting-I sold 6000 pairs of Wristies in 6 minutes!

STUDENTS: Wow! Six thousand pairs . . . That’s unbelievable!

KK GREGORY: Yeah, it was! And I had a great time!

PROFESSOR CHANDLER: OK, there are just a few minutes left. Is there one more question? Yes? Marla?

STUDENT 3 [FEMALE]: KK, do you have any advice for us?

KK GREGORY: Advice? Well, there are a lot of things, but I guess the most important thing is to be creative. You know, don’t be afraid to try something new.

PROFESSOR CHANDLER: I think that’s great advice, KK. Ms. KK Gregory-thank you so much for speaking to us today. And good luck!

KK GREGORY: Thank you

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