Crossing a Bridge

Crossing a Bridge

Listen to the conversation between Allen and the psychologist. Then choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.

Driving across a bridge is very difficult for people with bridge and driving phobias. In this listening, Alien is a man with these problems. He is driving across a bridge with the help of a psychologist.

1. Allen is afraid ___________.

A. a truck will hit him B. of driving a truck

2. The psychologist tells him to think of other things ___________.

A. that he does well B. that he is afraid of

3. The psychologist tells him to ___________.

A. look at the trucks B. look straight ahead

4. In the end, Allen feels ___________.

A. very happy that he crossed the bridge B. unhappy because he didn’t cross the bridge alone


1. A 2.A 3. B 4.B


PSYCHOLOGIST: Come on, Allen. You can do it. We talked about this. You know what to do.

ALLEN: I know. I know what to do, but I just can’t do it.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Now what is it, Allen? What exactly are you scared of?

ALLEN: I don’t know. I just hate crossing the bridge. I know there is no reason to be afraid-but I just don’t want to do it!

PSYCHOLOGIST: Come on, Alien. You can do it. Think of all the other things you do well: your job, your sports, your music. You’re very good at everything you do. You can do this, too. Remember what the book said? Believe in yourself!

ALLEN: [Mumbling] Too many trucks.

PSYCHOLOGIST: What did you say?

ALLEN: [Nearly shouting] I’m scared of the trucks! The trucks are going to hit me!

PSYCHOLOGIST: They’re not going to hit you, Allen. Calm down. Don’t look at the trucks. Just look at the road. 

ALLEN: I can’t! This bridge is so high!

PSYCHOLOGIST: Don’t think about that, Allen. Just look at the road. Look straight ahead.

ALLEN: Oh no, we’re on the bridge! I hate driving-it scares me.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Keep going, Allen. Look straight ahead. You’re doing fine. Keep going. [Sound of traffic] There! You did it! You crossed the bridge!

ALLEN: We crossed the bridge. I can’t do it by myself. What’s wrong with me? Why am I so afraid of a bridge? Why aren’t the books helping me? Why can’t you help me? ·

PSYCHOLOGIST: I am helping you, Allen. The books are helping, too. You’re going to cross this bridge by yourself. You will. Now keep going …

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