Vocabulary (College and Work: You can do both!)

College and Work: You can do both!

Vocabulary (College and Work: You can do both!)

Read the following sentences. Complete each sentence with the correct word or phrase from the box. Use each word or phrase only once.

Advantage (n.)                 assignments (n.)                            in addition                        stressful (adj.)

Apply (v.)                          essay (n.)                          simple (adj.)                    successful (adj.)

1. It’s very ____________  to get to my school. I only need to take one bus.

2. The students wrote an __________  about their countries in class.

3. The teacher gave us a lot of homework, so I have a lot of __________  to do tonight.

4. Many students study hard and have jobs, too. This can be very _________ for them.

5. Next semester, Lynn will study biology and Spanish. _____________ , she will study math and psychology.

6. I don’t need a car because there are many buses and trains near my apartment. This is an ____________

 of living in a big city.

7. Simon studies hard and goes to class every day. He wants to be a ___________ student.

8. In the United States, many students _____________  for college before they finish high school.


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