Tonia and Jay, two only children

Tonia and Jay, two only children

Tonia and Jay, two only children

Listen to Tonia and Jay, two only children. They are speaking to Maria Sanchez. Choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.

11. Most of Tonia’s friends have

A. cousins                         B. older parents                             C. siblings

12. Tonia’s mother __________ her decision to Tonia.

A. didn’t explain              B. explained                     C. isn’t going to explain               

13. Jay and Tonia have __________ feelings about being only children.   

A. different                       B. unusual                        C. the same

14. When Jay spends time with his parents, he feels

A. uncomfortable                          B. special                          C. different

15. Jay and his parents enjoy ________ A. staying home                             B. living in Asia                               C. travelling


MARIA SANCHEZ: Hello, and welcome back. So, what do kids think about being an only child? Let’s find out right now! I’m going to speak to Marion and Mark’s daughter, Tonia, and to Tom and Jenna’s son, Jay. Hi, Tonia.

TONIA: [Softly, shy] Hi.

MARIA: How old are you, sweetheart?

TONIA: Eight.

MARIA: Eight. And Jay, you are … ?

JAY: I’m twelve.

MARIA: OK. Now Tonia, you’re the only child in your family, right?

TONIA: Uh-huh.

MARIA: And is that OK with you?

TONIA: [Defiantly] No! I hate it .. .

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

MARIA: Really … Why?

TONIA: Because I want a sister.

AUDIENCE: [Stronger laughter]

TONIA: All my friends have brothers and sisters. I’m the only kid in my class who doesn’t have one!

MARIA: Oh, I see … Umm . . . did you ever talk to your parents about it?

TONIA: [Sadly] Yeah, I talked to my mom.

MARIA: And what did she say?

TONIA: She said, “I am so busy with you and with  my job. We are not going to have another child.”

MARIA: And how did you feel then?

TONIA: I was sad.

MARIA: But can you understand your parents’ decision?

TONIA: [Sounding resigned] Yeah …

MARIA: Well, that’s good.

TONIA: [Defiantly] But I still want a sister!

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

MARIA: [Laughing] Well, here’s a little girl who knows what she wants! Thank you, Tonia. AND Jay, how about you? Do you feel the same way?

JAY: No, not at all. I like my family this way.

MARIA: Mmmm … But do you ever feel lonely?

JAY: No, I never feel lonely. I feel … special! My parents do a lot of things with me, and we always have fun together. And they also give me a lot of opportunities that kids in some big families don’t have.

MARIA: What kinds of opportunities?

JAY: Well, the best thing is that we travel a lot, all over the world. Like, last summer, we went to Asia for a month. And this winter, we’re going to go skiing in Europe.

MARIA: Wow, that’s exciting!

JAY: Yeah, and I think we can do all of these things because it’s just the three of us.

MARIA: You mean, because your parents can afford it?

JAY: Yeah, uh-huh …

MARIA: But do you ever feel different from your friends?

JAY: Mmmm … no, not in a bad way. I mean, every family is different, right?

MARIA: Yes, that’s true.

JAY: So maybe I’m a little different because I enjoy doing things alone.

MARIA: That is a little unusual for someone your age.

JAY: Well, my parents taught me how to enjoy doing things by myself. I don’t act like a baby and cry because I don’t have a sibling to do things with.

MARIA: What a mature young man you are!

JAY: Thank you.

MARIA: Thank you, Jay, and thanks to you, too, Tonia.

TONIA AND JAY: You’re welcome.

MARIA: Well, there you have it, two children, and two very different opinions about being an only child. Thanks for watching!

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